Instagram – Introducing Saved Posts


On 14th December Instagram launched yet another update- and this one I love!

You can now save a post you like for later in your own private gallery.


This feature has been being requested for quite a while by keen Instagram users and it’s definitely one I’m keen on. This update comes on the back of new features that are meant to better position Instagram against other social media platforms. We’ve had the SnapChat like stories and the live broadcast feature. This feature has an air of Pinterest about it, keeping photos of inspiration for later use. There won’t be any boards or folders, just one gallery, but I’d still much prefer that to using my phone memory storing screenshots.

How do we save that great post?

At the bottom of a picture or video to the right, there is a bookmark icon.

Tap on this to save the post to your private gallery. These posts are only visible to you and nobody will know you have saved that post. They will be stored in a ‘saved’ section on your profile.

What can we use it for?

If you are anything like me, you are a screenshot queen (or king!) and are always taking screenshots of posts that you’d like to re-visit later, or for inspiration, an outfit you like, an idea, a quote, content you’d like to share, someone you’d like to connect with etc.  You can just tap that bookmark button, knowing that your saved posts will be stored safely in your own private gallery.

I don’t have it?

If you don’t have it yet, then not to worry, Instagram have said they are currently rolling this feature out and it will be with all users soon. So I’ve been hanging on since last week when it was launched, waiting patiently for mine to arrive. It still hasn’t. I love the idea of this feature but am eagerly awaiting my update!

EDIT- I published this late 19th Dec, Instagram clearly read it 😉 and launched my update early on the 20th, so I now have the feature and am happily, book -marking away!


Do you have your update? Are you using it?

My feed if you’d like to take a look is below- just click on the pic!




10 reasons why your business needs to be using social media



Want to grow your online presence?

Need more customers?

Want to increase sales?


If you aren’t using social media effectively, then you probably should be.

74% of customers rely on social media to guide a purchase

Social media marketing has a 100% higher lead to close rate than any other outbound marketing.


In this day and age, not being active and using an effective social media strategy is somewhat crazy.

Need some reasons why? Take a look at these 10 reasons why your business needs to be using social media.


  1. Web traffic.

It’s there for the taking. Your clients are on social media. That’s a fact! You can directly target your customers and send them to your website, increasing your web traffic. Inevitably, if your website offers what they need- you’ll sales will improve.




  1. SEO

Search engine optimisation.

This is basically optimising your website so that your customers can find you on Google and other search engines. If you are creating consistent, effective content on social media, which is linked to your website, your position on search engines will improve and your website will climb higher up the pages so more people can find you. If more people find you, your sales will increase.


  1. Customer Service

If there is ever a problem or question about your business, I’m sure you’d rather know straight away and deal with it. So many people turn to social media to ask a brand a question- and they expect a quick reply. If they have an issue- it’s your chance to show them & the world how great your customer service is. Customers are generally happy if you deal with an issue straight away.


  1. Brand Loyalty

Social media is vital for attracting and keeping customers happy and for their brand loyalty.

A recent study (Convince and Conver) found that 53% of Americans who follow brands in social media are more loyal to their brands.

By using social media platforms for your business you will gain new customers and leads and build a positive loyalty from your customers. Find which platforms your customers are using and create content they will want to see. This will help keep your customer engaged and interactive with you and improve their brand loyalty. Customers love to deal with people and when you engage and interact with them, their loyalty, in turn is improved.



  1. Relationships

You should be using social media to build relationships with your customers. Social media allows you to be interactive with your customers, and strike up conversations. People are more likely to buy from those they trust. By creating engaging content and interacting with these customers, they will naturally be more drawn to purchasing from you. You can also make fantastic relationships with other business owners and experts.


  1. Targeting

Social Media has phenomenal targeting tools to reach your clients and customers.

It is so important as you can be so specific in who you target. You can target demographics like age, gender, location and so much more including habits, pages people like, business types and lots more! You can use your data and insights provided by each social media platform to decide who your ideal customers are. You can also retarget those who visit you.


  1. Competition

The likelihood is that your competition is using social media, in fact 91% of all brands are using at least one social media channel. Do you want to get left behind? If you aren’t using social media, or not using it well, your competitors are going to attract those customers and gain their brand loyalty.


  1. Return on Investment

The ROI of social media advertsing- if done right can be unbeatable. You get to target your ideal clients & customers and improve your website traffic. Your ads can be monitored to check your cost per click as you go, so you can decide if you are going to continue with your ad, or try something else. You can get started with social media advertsing for a relatively small investment.


  1. Leads

Social media can help you collect leads and email addresses to build your list. Posting the correct content will help attract the right customer to your brand and by them interacting with your brand, will increase their trust in you.


  1. Customers & Sales

Leads turn into customers & sales. Relevant content will keep your customers engaged and could improve your sales. Done well social media is a great tool to target your customers and keep them coming back. 70% of B2C marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. 74% of customers rely on social media to guide a purchase. They check reviews and customer clients and that the brand is active.  60% of consumers interact with brands on social media.


If you aren’t using social media for your business, then it’s time to start. It’s a must for any business who is looking to improve their brand awareness, attract customers, improve customer service, get ahead of competitors, improve their online presence and grow sales!


If you aren’t confident that you can successfully manage your social media yourself, then get in touch. I love helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with their online presence and social media. I have packages to suit all budgets.


Get in touch- let’s chat!





What are Instagram Stories and how do I make one?


Instagram stories is a fairly new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share lots of photos and videos, they appear together in a slide show format, which creates your story.

We all know that sometimes we take too many pictures during the day, but feel we can’t bombard our following with them all, for fear of – quite frankly – getting on their nerves and the possibility they’ll unfollow us!

You no longer have to worry about over posting, you can simply post your favourites and add any others to your story as you go. You can add text and drawings to these if you like too. Much like SnapChat, these only stay on your story for 24 hours, then vanish.


Where do I find Instagram Stories?


On your home feed, along the top are profile pics of the people you follow that have IG stories. Simply click on one to watch and tap to move to the next image and/or person. Swipe to jump to another person’s story. You can also tap to send that person a private message.  You can’t like or publicly comment like on the usual IG pics.


How do I add an IG Story?


  • Tap on the plus button found on the top left-hand side of your homescreen or swipe left in  your Feed.
  • Tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen to take photos or tap and hold to record a video.
  • Edit the photos or videos with text or add a drawing as you normally would.
  • Tap done to save when you are finished.
  • Tap the check button to share.



Add as many as you like. These will show as a slideshow when someone clicks on your story. After 24hrs the photo will vanish. If you use Snapchat, then it’s much like that.

You can also use photos that you have saved to your camera roll, from the last 24hours. When you are in IG stories, swipe down and you’ll see your camera roll pics from the last 25hrs. You can then edit if you like and add to your story.


Can I delete a photo on Instagram Stories?

Yes. Tap on the three dots on the bottom right of your video or picture you’d like to remove. Click delete, then confirm and hey presto it’s gone!



Can I add filters?

Yes, there are only currently a few, but maybe more will be added in the future. Once you have taken a photo in Instagram Stories, swipe right to see the filters (no snapchat style dog filters at the moment though!)


Can I add colour text?

Tap the text icon in the top right corner and select your colour. If you want more colours, swipe left on the colour palette.


Can I draw on an Instagram Story?

Click on the pointed pen at the top for writing or adding dots, the bigger nib makes great stripes. Hold down to make the dot/stripe bigger!


Can I still tag people on an Instagram Story?

Yes, when adding text just use @ as you normally would and you can tag somebody. You can tag up to 10 people and they’ll receive a direct message.

I hope that has helped explain Instagram Stories a little. Let me know how you get on when you have made your first story- I’d love to take a look!