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Welcome to my freebies, Resources & Course page.

Here you’ll find various freebies- that you are welcome to download along with a link to my Etsy shop and there will be some courses being added over time.

If you’d like any information or have any questions about anything, please get in touch.

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FREE 7- Day Visibility Boot Camp

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FB ADS Worksheets

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Set of 5 FREE Inspiring Downloadable Prints

Grab these fab set of prints, download and print them out for some inspiration for your office or home! HERE



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Set of 12 affirmation cards in Blush & Grey

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Tips to give fear the boot

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Set of 12 inspiring affirmation cards

If you love to be inspired and appreciate the power of surrounding yourself with positivity and inspiration- then these are for you. A set of 12 cards with affirmations and inspirational quotes on, ready for you to download. Once subscribed, these will be sent to your email address immediately. Download, print them off (card is best) and cut them into 4 each sheet. Then place in your home of office, on the wall, on your desk, in your planner or wherever else you’ll see them daily for positive confirmation that you are amazing!

Set of 12 affirmation prints for female entrepreneurs

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Instagram Brand worksheet- Free

Need a little help with confirming your brand for Instagram? Use this worksheet to get it all written down, helping you to focus on what you want from IG for your brand.

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Happy planning!

Instagram brand worksheet

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Lady Boss Monochrome downloadable print- FREE

Who doesn’t like reminding that they are a Lady Boss! Subscribe and you’ll receive a free print to download and print and put in your home or office for your daily reminder!

Free A4 print- Lady Boss


Weekly Social Media Planner- FREE

If you struggle to know what and when to post- get planning! Use this weekly social media planner to help. Mon-Fri with facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a space for one more, helping you schedule and stick to it!

Once subscribed, you’ll receive this immediately, ready to download and print out.

Social Media Planner
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Affirmations & Inspiring Prints- Shop now!
We have a few inspiring prints and affirmations ready to download and print in our shop- go take a look now! I hope you love them!
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