On 14th December Instagram launched yet another update- and this one I love!

You can now save a post you like for later in your own private gallery.


This feature has been being requested for quite a while by keen Instagram users and it’s definitely one I’m keen on. This update comes on the back of new features that are meant to better position Instagram against other social media platforms. We’ve had the SnapChat like stories and the live broadcast feature. This feature has an air of Pinterest about it, keeping photos of inspiration for later use. There won’t be any boards or folders, just one gallery, but I’d still much prefer that to using my phone memory storing screenshots.

How do we save that great post?

At the bottom of a picture or video to the right, there is a bookmark icon.

Tap on this to save the post to your private gallery. These posts are only visible to you and nobody will know you have saved that post. They will be stored in a ‘saved’ section on your profile.

What can we use it for?

If you are anything like me, you are a screenshot queen (or king!) and are always taking screenshots of posts that you’d like to re-visit later, or for inspiration, an outfit you like, an idea, a quote, content you’d like to share, someone you’d like to connect with etc.  You can just tap that bookmark button, knowing that your saved posts will be stored safely in your own private gallery.

I don’t have it?

If you don’t have it yet, then not to worry, Instagram have said they are currently rolling this feature out and it will be with all users soon. So I’ve been hanging on since last week when it was launched, waiting patiently for mine to arrive. It still hasn’t. I love the idea of this feature but am eagerly awaiting my update!

EDIT- I published this late 19th Dec, Instagram clearly read it 😉 and launched my update early on the 20th, so I now have the feature and am happily, book -marking away!


Do you have your update? Are you using it?

My feed if you’d like to take a look is below- just click on the pic!