Strategy Calls

1hr FB & IG Ads/Funnel/Launch SOS Call

Need a little help with your ads? Not sure where you can improve? Maybe you need me to go through your funnel with you? Or need to pick my brains about your launch.


No worries, book in a 1hr 1:1 SOS call with me here (£145).

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VA Vision Intensive Call

This is an intensive 2-hour call for any woman that is looking to set up as a Virtual Assistant.

This 2 hr strategy call will get you on the right track with take-away action points to implement, making you a step closer to starting your VA business.

My Experience- I run my Virtual Assistant business for 2 years, before moving on to mentoring.

2 Hours £200


E-Commerce & Social Media Intensive

If you have just started an e-commerce business and need help, then this is for you. I’ve run a successful e-com business, so can help give your website an audit and make suggestions of improvement and point out what you’re doing well. This also includes a look at two social media channels. I can give you feedback on your social media and help give you action points to improve. 2-hr intensive call.

My Experience- I’ve run a successful multi-6 figure e-commerce business which was started from scratch and sold for profit in 2016.

2 hours £200

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