FB Ads Management

If you have had a look at FB Ads Manager and it’s left you running for the hills or maybe you haven’t even got that far, but you know that FB and IG ads need to be part of your effective marketing strategy, then I can help.

Many women I speak to tell me they have ‘played’ with FB ads, some have had some success, but most feel they just didn’t work for them. This is usually because they haven’t been set up as well as they could, haven’t been tracked or targetted correctly. Which is just pouring money down the drain.

“After many failed attempts to run Facebook ad campaigns, I asked Katie to help me and now I will never ask anyone else! My leads have exploded which generated lots more sales! Amazing!” A.M

I’ve been using FB Ads for many years and for my own businesses and the past couple of years for clients’ businesses too. I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.

Now, I’ll be upfront, FB & IG Ads are not the glittery magical wand of everything. They won’t empty the laundry basket for you and I can’t offer you any guarantees (hint: nobody can!).

Facebook ads are all about testing and they take time, so if you are expecting results overnight, then I’d rather you know right away, we are not a good fit. This is why we always recommend 3-months minimum. This gives us time to test what is and isn’t working for you.

If you would like to grow your email list (who doesn’t!), grow your FB group and communities, increase your webinar and challenge sign-ups and generally increase those leads – ending with more clients and customers and more sales, then FB & IG ads can definitely help you do that as part of your wider marketing strategy.

“Thank you so much Katie, you absolutely revolutionised my Facebook ads. They were tumbleweed and a total waste of money until you came along. Now I’ve got so many subscribers! I can’t thank you enough.” Amy


As a general rule of thumb, ideally, clients have a minimum budget of approximately £450/mth, which allows me to test 3 ads at £5 each a day.

What do I test?

I test different copy, different images, different headlines and audiences.

Anything else?

I ensure your pixel is installed on your landing pages and help you install if not, I research and set up custom audiences and monitor and feedback the results.

What about funnels?

Ideally, you’ll need a good funnel set up to nurture your leads once you have them. I tend to use Leadpages for landing pages and thank-you pages. If you have this in place, perfect, if not, we’ll discuss on our initial call. If you don’t have a funnel set up to capture and nuture your leads I can quote you to get this set up.

Testing & Scaling

I’ll continue to monitor, test and scale your ads if required and make sure when they start to get ‘tired’ we refresh the content.


Some clients like regular updates, some just once a month, so we’ll discuss what works for you on the initial call.

Investment starts at £550/month but does depend on the number of campaigns you’ll require.

If you need to add on a build of a sales funnel, to include landing page, thank you page, email automation, all the tech and set up including pixels installed, the cost is an additional £549.

No set up free charge.

We recommend you commit for 3-months, to ensure we see what works for you.

Get in touch to get started!