Social Media Platinum Package


  • 1-hour fact find for your business, understanding your company values & tone
  • Strategy of any current social media profiles and plan for the future
  • Looking at competitors and working ideas into the strategy.
  • Set up of your Social Media channels (up to 3 channels)
  • If one of your channels is Pinterest – this includes at least 20 pins/day (Mon-Fri) or setting up  & managing of free auto pinning sites
  • Curation of content from relevant sites/for your target market
  • A minimum of 1hr/week spent interacting and engaging with customer comments on your social media sites (if there are comments)
  • I’ll check messages and let you know if you need to answer them
  • Sharing of content from your blog/website
  • Creation & design of content to share daily, in-keeping with your brand colours and style, using a large selection of our stock photos and designing new
  • Sharing 2 times/day min on each channel
  • Sharing from your own blog/website etc
  • Scheduling of created content
  • Creation of videos to be used on your website and Social Media platforms (2/mth)
  • Adding any videos to your YouTube channel
  • Specific content for events/occasions
  • Blog posts (1/month) approx 500 words, (or you can provide if preferred) graphics and featured image created, alt tags added, tags, categories etc added.
  • Email marketing (2/mth), using either your mailchimp account or in house email marketing  Software  (you will need to have your own package in place)
  • Analytics of all social media platforms monthly
  • Weekly 15 minute phone call/Skype call to discuss updates and changes (if required).
  • This package will increase followers, improve your online presence and establish your brand.  This package gives you complete knowledge that your social media is being dealt with by someone else, leaving you to get on with the things that you do best- grow your business. I will work with you as the 90 days progress to adjust and amend anything we need to make changes to.

    £2695 for 90 day package –

  • approx 42 hrs/month

    Ready to book!

    Ongoing management for your Social Media management will be £900/mth Based on 40 hrs/mth.

    If you’d like to expand this time to 180 days of management- just message me for a quote!