Top Reasons To Hire A VA. 

Grab a coffee and take a look why hiring a Virtual Assistant could be the best thing you ever did!


You do not need any office space available to work with a VA, they work remotely from their home office.


Working with a VA frees you up to concentrate on what you are good at, or gives you back free time, to spend on yourself or with family & friends.

Less Stress

Working with a VA is less stressful, for you the small business owner. We all know how hard it is juggling work and home life, using a VA to deal with the tasks that take too much of your time or that you don’t enjoy, will be less stressful than trying to everything yourself.

Business Growth

A Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business, working alongside you. They can handle the tasks you don’t have time for, can’t do or don’t enjoy, leaving you the time to concentrate on the things that you are best at, in turn growing your business

Improved Productivity

Working with a VA increases your productivity. Let the VA help out with mundane tasks, or those which need doing, but you don’t have time for and you can concentrate on growing your business. Making you more productive.

Cost savings & Budget

Hiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to budget effectively, and plan your outgoings. Many small business owners don’t require someone full or even part time, yet could benefit from an extra pair of hands when they need them most. Remember employees cost more than their salary. A VA charges just that one fee, usually per hour.

No coordinating work schedules

With a VA, you just send over any work that needs doing along with a deadline, no worrying about anybody else.

Long term savings

No money spent on bathroom breaks, maternity, sickness or holidays. There are no additional overheads when working with a VA, we are freelance, so cover our own overheads.


A virtual Assistant is a business owner, so they understand the pressures, challenges and the bigger picture of being a business owner.


A Virtual Assistant never gets to work late, has no commuting issues, and will always be punctual. We work from home, so are already at our working office. Some VAs choose to work remotely from wherever they are, as long as they have their laptop and good broadband.


Many Vas are experts in their field, or enjoy doing the tasks you set them. Are there things you don’t enjoy doing or don’t have time for? – a great place to start for those jobs you’d like to outsource to a Virtual Personal Assistant.


A Virtual Assistant will ensure that both themselves and the client is protected by both signing a confidentiality agreement before work commences.


These are just some of the reasons that small business owners & entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants. I’m a Virtual Assistant based in Newport, South Wales. If you would like to have a chat about ways in which I can help you, please get in touch at, you’ll find more information on the about page and of course prices on the pricing page.

I’d love to hear from you and together discover ways to grow your business. I especially enjoy managing client’s Social Media and increasing their online presence. If, when you contact me, I don’t believe I am the right VA for the job, I have a directory of VAs that I can approach on your behalf, to see who is the perfect match for you!