This is a real ‘thing’ for me. I just gel with ‘normal people.’ I’m not a corporate person; I’m a normal (there’s that word again!) working class girl from South Wales. I don’t make any apologies about that fact and I am who I am- ME!

I say it all the time, I’ll be on the phone to a client and I’ll hear myself saying “ I like working with normal people” I don’t mean to offend or imply that some people are ‘abnormal’ and I guess in a way I’m giving a heads up of who I am. By normal, what I actually mean is people who are approachable, friendly, and relatable. Who don’t intimidate and who are open and down to earth.

My husband often says to me, “stop saying normal babe”. Maybe I should re-phrase it, my vocabulary isn’t that limited- but again, It’s just me!


I decided to blog about this, so my clients know in advance who they are dealing with. If you are looking for a corporate girl (actually above the age of 35, so probably should start referring to myself as a lady?), who is well spoken and talks the talk, then, do you know what, we may not be a perfect match. I say this as sincerely as I possibly can, and if that’s you- that’s great, but I won’t change who I am. I’m professional and love working, I try not to speak in jargon, but in a way anyone can understand.  I love helping clients grow their business using social media to increase their online presence, but I like to work in my way too. I like to be good-natured, approachable and relatable.

I’m like an excitable, animated child at times, who is passionate about what I do and I like to think that comes across when I talk to people. I’m friendly and am a complete supporter of anyone who is trying to make something happen. If you are in business, trying to make something work, then I’ll offer any support I can, forever dishing out the positive, inspirational quotes. And who doesn’t love a bit of inspiration!


So where did this blog post come from?

Granted, this post is a little different to my usual content that I may share with you, but if you are a client thinking about working with me then it’s only right that you know upfront who I really am. I don’t really do ‘airs & graces’. I may try to speak slightly nicer and a tad slower when I’m among people that don’t know me well, but that’s mainly because if you ever see me among my nearest and dearest- I speak so fast, it’s difficult to keep up!

True story- my 9 year old son recently told me that I have a phone voice when I talk to clients (don’t we all, just a tiny bit!), but when I talk to my friends I use my ‘gangster’ voice. Now, I was a little mortified at this revelation from my son. I feel I should put your mind at ease at this stage. I’m not a gangster, and neither do I EVER talk like one. I’m not sure at 9 he really knows the true meaning of a gangster, so I think he has the word a little muddled and is referring to my ‘friends & family’ voice. Which as I say, is fast and excitable and usually fairly high pitched with lots of animated hand gestures and an expressional face!


I’ve digressed again. So I have just got in from a great  Bizmums network meeting, where, again, I have met some fantastic business women. Each of whom, have their own story and journey. We are all at different stages, but it’s so inspirational to get to know these talented women, who have all decided to take the plunge and work for themselves. Sometimes daunting, sometimes lonely. But you know what makes it easier, is having people to share the ups and downs with. I’m lucky, I have an extremely supportive husband and family and my mum is forever competing with my husband for my biggest fan award. But talking to these women today, made me realize, there is no need to be anybody else than who you are.

I like the phrase ‘normal’. Lisa the lovely content writer in the room suggested ‘down to earth’ and another option is ‘relatable’. They all, in my eyes mean the same thing. Someone I would be just as happy to grab a coffee with and have a good old natter with, as I can discuss business. These are the people I’ll buy off, or ask for advice when I need to talk something over, because people buy from people.

This is no new concept; this has been a fact for as long as I can remember, but maybe even more now. In this world of digital, we need to see the face behind the business, the real life person, who has the struggles as well as the successes. Shock horror…life isn’t perfect! (gasp!)

We have up’s we have down’s and that’s how we hopefully relate to one another, because we share the juggling act that is life, and because we all share that goal too- we want our business to succeed and we won’t stop until we do.

And then we obviously won’t stop, because it will just be new challenges and goals and we continue to work our bums off. I’m not sure I should even be using the word bum on a business blog post- but you now what, that’s me, I’m normal!


I’ve just met, two lovely ladies that are local and have taken an idea of a sunscreen applicator for kids had it manufactured and it’s now available to purchase. Solar Buddies, if you’d like a peek. They were both inspirational and extremely ‘normal’. I got on straight away with them both and will keep in contact. They mentioned they would like to start vlogging, to show the ‘real’ them behind their product and my advice to them was ‘just do it’, people like to see the reality, the real you behind a business.

So here I am, taking my own advice.


I left the meeting feeling inspired by what we had all talked about and when leaving spoke to my wonderful accountant Iona, about who are our current favourite online persona’s within business- our common theme?

The ‘normal’, relatable, approachable, charismatic, friendly people are the people we like, follow and connect with. These are the ones we end up purchasing from too and they are the ones we want to learn from and aspire to be more like.


In this online world of social media, you need to show you. If you aren’t showing that, then you are really missing a trick. Show your businesses personality, brand and tone. If you feel you don’t have the time, get in touch and I can help understand you and your business and work with you, representing your brand, helping increasing your online presence.

(Now don’t get me wrong, if you & your business are the complete opposite to me, that’s fine too. I got a B in GCSE Drama, so I can be anybody you need me to be! 😉 )


So that’s sorted it for me once and for all.

I’m me, I make no bones about it, that’s just who I am!

I love to connect with people who are proud of who they are and happy to be themselves.

So do introduce yourself below and say hi!


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