Wondering what on earth I’m going on about?

These were new to me too, until just a short while ago- and I’m yet to get going on them.

So what are Instagram Pods?


They are basically groups of people that get together to increase interaction on each others IG posts.  So that involves liking and commenting.

We all get the usual ‘bot’ comments on our Instagram feed, but these are genuine like-minded people who are interested in helping each other out.  A little fan for each other!


Why Instagram Pods?


Remember when IG changed the algorithms recently deciding who sees what first rather than in time order as it used to be? Well, the more positive interaction a profile gets- i.e. actual engagement of likes and sincere comments, Instagram thinks that the account must be amazing, and show it to even more people!

The more people who see your account, will love it and naturally follow, and hopefully interact too. This Instagram trend is working wonders for some brands I’ve seen with upwards of a few hundred new followers a week and lots of interaction on posts.


Ok, so how do IG Pods work?ig-pods-2


When you post your next fab picture, you also send it via DM to the pod group. Then when you go to the Direct Messages, you’ll go take a look at everyone else’s post’s and pop over to like them and make comments. Keep the comments real. Just commenting with an emoji won’t work as IG will think you’re a bot. Try to write a few words or ask a question. INTERACT.


Setting up an Instagram Pod.


Get in contact with 10-15 like minded people that are actually a fan of your brand (keep it real!), then set up a group in Instagram to communicate. The maximum you can have in a DM is 15, but this should be enough for your pod anyway. This is an easy enough amount to keep up with! Make sure you set out the rules nothing fancy, just that everybody must take part, like all the posts and comment as much as they can etc. with proper comments. You could just go in once a day and catch up or pop in a couple of times a day, whichever suits you!


Keep the group members in your niche, this keeps the interaction real and will also encourage engagement outside of the pods.


These Instagram Pods really sound like fun, and I can’t wait to give them a go.

If you fancy joining up, get in touch I’m planning on setting up a pod in the next day or so.

Have you been part of an Instagram pod? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.