This week’s blog post was written by guest poster Hannah Kennefick of Beautifully Forever WordPress.

Thanks to the internet its never been easier to move your business brand into the public eye.

Even better, if done with the right amount of finesse, you can practically market yourself for free, (give or take the occasional monthly subscription for content scheduling apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Facebook ads).

The world is literally accessible by the click of a button on our phones.  We can reach our target clientele/customers in a way that business generations of days gone by could have only dreamed of.

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We have the chance to put our businesses anywhere we want.. wherever we want.

Yet, so many of us find it hard to be seen amongst the masses of brands on the world wide web. Why is that?

Speaking from personal experience as a network marketer  I feel I have a fairly good indication of what’s going on and it isn’t pretty.

The majority of people working their business on the internet have no authenticity. None at all and as a result, they’ve faded into the background only to be seen now and again when customers type the brand name into the search bar as an afterthought to see if the company is still in business.

Because they don’t stand out from the rest of their business niche. They’ve blended into the crowd and that’s the worst thing that can happen within an industry that is only going to grow, no doubt by billions in the next few years.

What makes me think that?

People are finally finding ways to create a life and income on their own terms from the comfort of home. No long commuting, no more late days thanks to traffic jams, no official warnings for too many sick days. No sensations of feeling trapped within those four office walls. Freedom to work how and when we want is the fast approaching future. I’ve  seen people ” working” from their phones while enjoying a large glass of wine by the pool on holiday ( thanks to video calling technology).

Parents can now be with and work around their family commitments rather than move their children around work commitments.

Who in their right mind would not want that?

Although it’s certainly NOT the case for everyone before we jump on the latest ‘let’s bash Hanzi with angry comments’ bandwagon.

I’m speaking from personal experience. Lessons lived and learned. I’ve been there and done it.  I’ve won and dressed in my “most unauthentic brand t-shirt”  shorts and even the hat to hide my face under.

So please hear me out when I  say I come with love and good intentions. I’m here to help YOU by sharing my mistakes.

I’m going to come at this from a network marketing perspective because that’s where my experience lies. However, it’s a genuine rule of thumb whatever your industry.


Your business is new and exciting, you want to scream from the rooftops about it. You want to tell everyone you’ve ever met every  tiny little detail about what you represent and how your business is better than anyone else’s in your niche. I hear you, and you definitely should tell people about what you’re doing! Genuine excitement is contagious and addictive. Human beings are inquisitive by nature and let’s face it, we hate to be left out of the loop.

But here’s the thing…..there’s an incredibly fine line between getting people’s attention,  creating excitement and curiosity before you become a spamtastic robot!

You know what I mean right?

You’ve seen businesses pop up on your news feed, it is really intriguing, it draws you in, this might be something you want to know more about in the future. So you like the business/blog page with the intentions of going back to it later and browsing the content of the page. (I love looking at new pages).

However when you open up the social app later that day your newsfeed is absolutely FLOODED with post after post after post from the page you followed, you’re literally scrolling for thirty minutes trying to find other content. The same thing happens when you return later.

What do you end up doing? If you’re anything like me, I hit the unlike button. Seeing nothing but adverts begging me to buy products gets stagnant rather quickly and lets be honest it can be very annoying too!

Only from it happening to me did I quickly realise I was one of those people! I was a spammer!

katie colella social, vip package, social media, va, virtual assistant, business support specialist, branding, brand, be you, authenticity

So if you’re going to post frequently on social media shake things up a little, add a pinch of spice, a spoonful of variety, a bucketful of fun!

Limit your advertising content to three/four posts a day, spread out at various times and share other people’s content in-between. Sharing is caring after all!

If you’re not sure when you should/shouldn’t post content,  I found the perfect social media posting guide here.


Putting your needs first

I’ve been there.  Boy have I been there, even if I don’t want to admit it, I was pretty self-serving when I first started networking. I just saw my own end game and the things I wanted. A new team member. X amount of sales.

When I first started my networking business I went maniacally through my entire Facebook and Instagram friends list, which thankfully at the time wasn’t any larger than ninety people per account. I messaged everyone.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing parse if you do it the correct way. Which is exactly what I didn’t do.

I attacked that list with gusto.  Over two hundred messages sent overall in a single day…. without landing in Facebook jail …Happy dance!

All I had to do now was just sit back and wait for my inbox to go crazy with all the sales I was going to be inundated with.

I could practically see the money signs dancing in my eyes. The clothes I was going to buy myself after I paid the bills with this outstanding amount of income I effortlessly created.  But I didn’t get any sales, I didn’t make a single sale, not a single one!


Well, again I was spamming people.

But the main reason was that everyone could see straight through my intentions.

Every single person who opened that message instantly recognised that the only reason I even bothered to message them was that I wanted something from them.

Nothing else. I wanted them to buy something from me and I wasn’t subtle about it.

I sent the exact SAME message over and over again and my intentions were easy to read.  I might as well have said, I don’t care what you buy, I just want you to give me your money to help my business succeed because that was what my message was saying to every person who read it. I don’t care about your needs, I don’t want to help solve any problems for you. I just want your money.

I was serving myself and that was selfish. So in the love of all things business brand related I beg of you, reach out to that friend list! But do so with the intention to help each person with their problems. That’s when they will come to you.

At least say hello and ask how the person is before you try to pitch a sale.

Which brings me to my next point…

Being impersonal in your brand

When doesn’t someone even make the effort to put a hello Hanzi how are you?  At the beginning of a message, I tend to skip past it and ignore.

If you’re not willing to take the time to even say hello before you tell me how fantastic your service is then I have reason to be drawn in, I want to buy from a human being who I can relate to, someone who will listen to my needs and be willing to work with me and find the best solution to my problem. Not just send a generic answer void of any human emotion.

I want to know that the products or services this person is extending to me are being recommended from a place of understanding. The human being behind the business is what draws people in, in order to do that you need to be willing to get personal and connect with people. Genuinely connect.

  • Write the person’s name
  • Say Hello, ask how they are
  • Create a human connection by being you.


There are many ways we can be authentic when creating our business brand. Nothing represents you or your business better than showing your true human self. Bring out your personality, be willing to be you, and connect with the people you reach out to, show them you care, that you genuinely want to help, be warm and welcoming and I guarantee that it won’t be long before your brand is standing tall amongst the  growing crowds


Love and Blessings to you

until next time



With thanks to this week’s blog post writer – Hannah Kennefick of Beautifully Forever WordPress. Hannah is in love with the vintage era fashion and slowly becoming beauty obsessed! She’s an accidental paleo diet loving plus sized women with a side of pagan spirituality! She is a professional network marketer and goal chasing mompreneur.

If you would like to add some tactics of maintaining true to your brand and growing your business with authenticity, please comment below.

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