This week is a guest post from Katie Evans owner at Pressing Escape.

Katie Evans is a Life and Career Coach, who can help you escape the rat race, navigate a new fulfilling career and improve your emotional and physical well-being.

She can teach you the skills and behaviour change techniques to empower you to take back control of your life for the long-term.

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Stressed Out? 3 Strategies To Help You Manage.

When was the last time you had one of those days when you felt out of control, pulse racing,

stress levels through the roof and deadlines looming? As entrepreneurs and small business

owners, we tend to experience these days more than most as we’re directly responsible for wins

and losses and care passionately. I’ve certainly had my fair share in the past!

While I can’t promise to remove all stress from your work day (sorry, that would be witchcraft) I

can share three strategies that will help you stay in control.

1. Start a Stress List

This is the first place to start as it arms you with the insights in order to take action. You can

think of a Stress List as essentially a mini journal. At the end of every work day, you take a few

minutes to reflect on the day you’ve just had and log any times when you felt under pressure.

This should be super quick and just take the form of bullet points. The key thing to remember is

to not only write down the stressful moments during the day but ask yourself ‘why’? What was

the trigger for you feeling this way? Once you’ve written your Stress List for two weeks, take a

look at your notes and you’ll start to see some patterns emerging in the triggers. Perhaps it’s

every day at 3 pm when you need to collect your kid from school or working on tasks that take

you out of your comfort zone.

Once you have these insights, you can then come up with some ideas for how you could

change your attitude or approach to crush this trigger in the future. Examples could be: delegate

less important tasks to free up your time, do some training to bolster your skills and confidence,

pick up the phone to improve communication. You’ll know best what is feasible for your situation

but either way, this approach is pretty empowering.

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2. Time blocking

This strategy ties into the first as one of the most common themes that arise from my clients’

Stress Lists is feeling overwhelmed by the items still on the to-do list at the end of the work day.

Most often, this is because of the wasted time being sucked into the vortex that is multi-tasking.

As much as 27% of your daily productivity is currently lost due to multi-tasking. If you’re thinking

right now, “nope, not me, I’ve got it down then imagine this scenario: you’re halfway through

writing a blog post, stop to check a social media notification and then before you can get back

to your blog post, you have to re-read everything you’ve written from the top to regather your

train of thought. Add that up over the course of the day and there’s your 27%.

So, try this practice. Decide at the start of each week, what is your most important goal to

accomplish. Be strict, only one. Then schedule out an hour each day to work on achieving this

goal. Set a calendar reminder or phone reminder so you don’t forget. Once this time comes

around, commit to working without distraction: turn off email, put your phone on aeroplane mode,

remove yourself from co-workers and office pals. Spend this time working solely on your goal

and then whatever else happens that day, you can be sure that you’re on track to achieving

your priority. Celebrate that and give yourself a break about the rest – you can only do so much.

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stress, female entrepreneur, katie colella social, VA, virtual assistant, social media assistant

3. Start a self-care practice

Okay so you’re probably thinking *snore.* I’ve heard this a thousand times; You already know

about the benefits of meditation or exercise for stress. If you don’t have a regular practice then I

expect the reason is that you have no time. it’s a vicious circle, you have no time for self-care so

you feel increasingly overwhelmed and less and less likely to take time for yourself.

This is the trick. Committing to a ‘tiny’ self-care habit instead. Something that only takes one

minute max, to begin with. By making the commitment something so small, you’re far more likely

to stick to it and keep it going for 60 days (the time it takes to form a new habit.) Examples could

be using a meditation phone app for one minute each day, deep breathing for one minute or one

Yoga sun salute. If you decide you want to extend the practice for a few more minutes then

great, but the commitment is only one minute.

The second tactic you can use to help this become part of your routine is to attach this one

minute practice to something you already do every day. For example, getting in your car to drive

to your office, having a cup of coffee, brushing your teeth in the morning. Before you do this

activity, first complete your one minute practice. The association will help this stick.


Thank you to Katie Evans from Pressing Escape for this blog post. Katie offers a free Wellness Audit over on her website. 

If you have any other tips that can help with your stress levels, please let us know below.

Thank you x