This week I caught up with the lovely Rebecca Ahern.

Rebecca Ahern works with professional women who want to build successful careers and fulfilled lives with less stress and more balance.

About Rebecca Ahern

For ten years I worked as a senior exec and leader in one of the largest and most diverse sales and marketing businesses in the UK. I experienced personally and witnessed first-hand, the pressures that face ambitious individuals today.  We know we can have it all but we’re just not quite sure how we’re going to do it all.

Well, that’s where I went a bit wrong.  I thought to have it all, I had to do it all.  My life became increasingly complex and stressful, all in pursuit of the dream.  Then when I achieved the dream and wasn’t happy, I realised I must have got the formula wrong somewhere along the way.

As a result, and after much trial and error, I developed an approach that saw me flourish in my career and my life and eventually set up my own business.  My approach is based on a radical self-discovery and ongoing self-awareness that banishes insecurity and allows us to live with a feeling of control, balance and with authenticity.

You won’t find any ‘fluff’ here. No dancing around the point. We’ll laugh and we’ll work hard. Together, we will set you on a path to success, fulfilment, health and happiness so you can get on with living the best version of your life.

You can find Rebecca here

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