The fear is real!


As entrepreneurs, we often feel overwhelmed and stressed at various parts of our journey and I want us to be assured that we all feel like this from time to time- you aren’t alone, being an entrepreneur is an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs, but that is also part of what makes us successful!

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I’m writing this blog post this week with a heart full of fear myself, so believe me when I say I know how you are feeling.


New ideal client

I have just signed with an ideal client. I’m over the moon, I really am ecstatic, but as excited as I am to get working with my ideal client, I’m battling with the fear creeping in- the fear that I could mess it all up, the fear that I won’t be enough, the fear of failure, the fear that if I do make a great impression, I won’t be able to maintain it, that I won’t be able to juggle all my clients and that I’ll drop the ball, the fear that I won’t know what to do, fear of self-sabotage, fear of being mediocre.

Sometimes I could scream at myself- FOR GODS SAKE GIRL- GET A GRIP!


Because, really, I know that this could be something big. I am in awe of this new client, I know I could learn so much from her and I know this is the client I’ve been waiting for. She is also so straight up it’s unreal, so if I do make a small mistake or I need to ask a question- really? Is anyone going to drop down dead? No. Is it life-threatening? No. Life moves on, so I really do need to stop the doubts creeping in and deal with this!


I started writing this blog post as a list of the top fears we all feel at times as an entrepreneur, but as I started writing, it turned into the fears that I’m feeling, so I decided to roll with it and show you the reality, this is so real.

I’ll write another post on the fears and how we can overcome them when I’ve learnt how next week!


Business Award

This is just one part of this week that is making me feel overwhelmed.

As well as signing an ideal client, I have also been nominated for a business award this weekend- amazing right? Yep, absolutely buzzing, BUT, again, what if I win? What if I don’t? What if the judges are sat there laughing at the nomination right now? What if nobody believes I’m good enough to even be nominated? What if my website isn’t good enough? 

The bloody fear kicks in from every angle. Again, I know this is completely normal and I need to believe that I am worthy of being nominated for this award- I worked hard to get to where I am- why shouldn’t I! It helps that I’ve got a wonderfully supportive colleague and friend that also believed in me, enough to nominate me (eternally thankful).

I’ve actually been lucky enough to be short-listed for a business award in my previous business too- and I felt the exact same then too- and I won! But, it doesn’t stop the exact same doubts sneaking into my head this time too!

fear, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, feeling fear, vulnerable post


Speaker Request

Then, I had a message from Jackie- who runs the South Wales Bizmums networking group, asking if I would be a guest speaker at an event this week. I hesitated before I replied, I then replied with ‘have you sorted it now?’. Part of me hoping that she said yes all sorted (relieving me of what I knew I really should say) and part of me knowing that I should step up and say ‘Hell Yes I’ll Do It’. The speaking space hadn’t been filled, so I typed as quick as I possibly could before I lost my courage and said yes, I’d do it! The topic is growth- and I know accepting this opportunity is huge personal growth for me.

This puts me so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even tell you- but I also know and fully believe that the best things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. The thought of speaking in two days time, fills me with dread, I feel sick, anxious and I’m hugely nervous, just typing this. BUT, again, what’s the worst that can happen. It’s a lovely, supportive ladies networking group that will encourage me not throw stones at me telling me how rubbish I am. And what if, just what if, just one person actually likes what I say, what if they believe what I’m telling them and they feel a little inspired by me and my story- then you know what- that’s perfect because I then know that it was worth it!

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So, there we go, a completely vulnerable post from me, speaking completely from the heart, about my own fears. I’ll let you know how I get on this week, with the challenges that I’m faced with and hopefully how I smashed through them!

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I’d love to hear how you smashed through some fears recently and how it made you feel when you had come through the other side! 

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