We all have dreams and goals, but for many, they are something we sit on. Usually down to fear. Fear that we may fail, fear that ‘who am I’ to aim for a dream that big, fear that people will laugh….. and the list goes on.

BUT this dream no matter how big keeps on making an appearance in your brain, throughout the day, when you are lying in bed at night.

What if? What if, I just did it? What’s the absolute worst that can happen?

Maybe you don’t make any steps toward your dream as you just don’t know where to start.

Just Start

The most important step is actually starting. This is the biggest hurdle, many of us put off starting, blaming lack of time, lack of money, lack of support etc

However, let’s be honest we all have the same 24hours in a day- it’s how we use them that counts. I’m not denying that time is a huge issue- I’m a business owner, a wife, mum, stepmum, cleaner, cook, chief ironer…..you get the picture, so I do understand the time restraints on us all, but if we want to make a difference and start reaching that goal- then just start! If you take a step in the right direction every single day, then you are that much closer to reaching your dream.

Again, some dreams do require money- of course, they do. But don’t let that be the be all and end all of your dream.

Lack of support- surround yourself with like-minded people who WILL SUPPORT you, if you aren’t surrounded by supportive family & friends. Join some FB groups of like-minded ladies and find someone to have a chat with. I’m amazed at the connections & friendships I’ve built through FB – just by myself or someone else reaching out!

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Actionable Tips


When you have your dream, but are not sure how to get there, start with some brainstorming. You can use a mind map- where you put your goal at the centre in a circle, the from that draw lines off the circle and write various categories or parts of your goal, breaking it down into smaller chunks. Continue doing this, then go to each of the smaller areas and break those down even more- expand on your thoughts and get more specific. You’d be surprised at how much you can really think of when you focus. The thoughts are all there, sometimes it just takes a little time and focused energy to draw them all out and get them on paper!

This is your starting point!

Step outside your comfort zone

Nothing great is ever achieved in your comfort zone. In order to grow, and reach our dreams & goals we need to really push ourselves and step outside our comfort zone.

Do something each day if you can that scares you am little. Doing this will push your boundaries, make you take action and give you an increased confidence.


Believe In you

Mindset is a truly powerful thing. Without an amazing mindset, how can we be expected to do great things. How can we expect others to believe in us if we don’t truly believe in ourselves?

Make time to work on your mindset daily to release your inner beliefs about yourself. There are many ways you can do this, but keeping at it will help stop you from giving up on your dreams.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

katie colella social, social media assistant, virtual assistant, business support specialist, dreams, goals, work hard



Know your end goal and what it is you really want. You have to be really clear on what it is you want and how you’ll get there. Of course, plans can change as life goes on and that’s fine, but just be clear on that end goal. Without that, you don’t know where you are going and It’s easy to fall off the road.




Goodness, it would be fantastic if our dream just one day fell into our lap, all singing and dancing wouldn’t it? But that’s not how it works. If you want that dream, you have to be prepared to work for it. Don’t bother starting if you aren’t prepared to work hard. Don’t compare yourselves to people who are at a different part of their journey- as let’s face it they could have been working their butts off for the 10years previously. Like I said at the beginning, make a point of working toward your goal every day to help get you closer to your dream.


I hope these couple of tips have helped you think about making your dreams a reality. I’d love to hear what steps you are taking to help you achieve your dreams.