I often receive emails and messages from entrepreneurs and small business owners, who know that they need help, but aren’t sure where to turn or where to start.

They feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day, they are loosing focus, aren’t concentrating on one task, trying to do everything and getting nowhere fast.

If this sounds a little like you, then you aren’t alone. I completely understand the feeling. I’ve been running my own businesses, pretty much since I left school at 18. My last business was an eCommerce business selling home and giftware and I was completely absorbed by the business. I had until a few years back, been a complete control freak with my business, wanting to do everything myself. The problem was, I spent so much time in my business, I didn’t have enough time to spend on my business. Whilst I was lucky it was growing and doing well, I was also aware that my list of to-do tasks was increasing and so many things were getting put on the back burner.

For years, I had the mentality of why would I pay someone to do something, when I’m sure I can teach myself. Whilst this might be true, it was completely inefficient of course. What might have taken me 10 hours of learning and another few hours regularly to put into practice, could take someone who knew what they were doing just an hour or two. The time I could save by outsourcing would have saved me much more overall.

But it did take me a while to learn the benefits of outsourcing. By outsourcing the tasks I didn’t enjoy or frustrated me- I was happier and left doing the jobs that I did enjoy and was more skilled at.

By outsourcing the jobs that I couldn’t do, it saved me bags of time trying to learn them, allowing me to focus on what I was best at. Then there are the tasks that you could do- but just don’t have time for. This is where a virtual assistant could literally be a life-saver! Most of us feel stretched and torn between the things we need to do to successfully manage our business and our home life.

  • Are you spending enough time with your family and friends?
  • Feel that you are missing out on time with your children?
  • Not having enough you time?
  • Have an ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list?
  • Never getting all your tasks completed?


These are just some of the reasons that working with a VA might be for you.


We are business owners too, so we understand that you are juggling a million and one things for your business and we also understand that you have family commitments too.


We work freelance from our own offices or home, so there is no need to interview or train any VA you work with (unless you’d like to train them on a specific system etc).

A block that many people have is the cost of a good VA. The going rate in the UK is £25/hour. There are no overheads on this and no additional outgoings. No salary, no paid holidays or sick pay, no office space required, no training, when you pay for 10hrs, you get 10hrs, and you only work with a Virtual Assistant for the time you require- perfect!


There are various Vas out there with varying skills that are the perfect match for your business.

If you need someone with great admin skills who can keep on top of that side of things for you- perfect! Or someone who can keep on top of your books, someone to organise your personal life- no problem!


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I personally specialise in the online presence side of things and love managing client’s social media for them. So I spend my days curating and creating content for client’s IG, FB and Twitter feeds. Creating videos, helping with blog posts, creating emails in MailChimp, reaching out to bloggers who may be interested in collaborating, setting up and Pinning on Pinterest, uploading videos to YouTube. Many of my clients have a little admin mixed in too.


I work in various ways.

I offer retainer packages- these are the most popular for my clients. They ‘retain’ a set amount of hours for the month e.g 20hrs. These are paid upfront for the month and you receive a small discount from the standard hourly rate. Retainer packages allow you to budget in advance, so you know where you are. They also assure you that you have the hours guaranteed. Retainer packages take priority over any ad-hoc work that comes in.


If you are looking for a complete social media package, then I also offer these. I offer various packages from a 30-day package to a 90-day package. The 90-day package includes social media management, email marketing, blog posts, analytics- basically all singing and all dancing!

Take a look at my Social Media Packages

This will increase followers, improve your online presence and establish your brand.  This package gives you complete knowledge that your social media is being dealt with by someone else, leaving you to get on with the things that you do best- grow your business. I will work with you as the 90 days progress to adjust and amend anything we need to make changes to.



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What is the area you would like to outsource the most? Let me know if you’d like to chat regarding your social media and anything else you’d like to outsource and we’ll discuss the best way I can help you.


I’m reachable at help@katiecolellasocial.co.uk and would love to grab a virtual coffee with you!

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