So, personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of New Years Resolutions.

We all know the facts. We make them. Start the next day and a week later most people have already failed. In fact the official stats say that only 8% of people stick to their New Years resolutions.  They place a lot of pressure on people just because it’s a new year.

If you want to stop eating so much unhealthy food, or you want to exercise more, why wait until the New Year, just start now. It’s the same with Mondays. So many people wait until a Monday to start something. If you want to change something- why wait!

But Goals? Well, that’s a different thing- I do love a goal!


Successful businesses set goals. These are plans to reach a certain milestone by a certain time. They can be set in small steps as long as you are making steps toward your goal. Goals should be reassessed and changed if need-be throughout time to keep you on the right path.

Over 80% of businesses fail to keep track of their goals. This is huge! But the most important part of making goals is to map them out. We can all hope and pray for things that we’d like to achieve in our business but in reality that won’t do a lot. We need to write how we are going to achieve this. Map out your steps to achieving those goals you’ve set. There is a handy Goal Worksheet you can grab, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.


If your goals are big goals, break them down into more achievable chunks, so you can still celebrate the small wins. When setting  goals ask yourself some questions about your goals, such as who and what do you want to be and what do you want to have.

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”


Here are 5 reasons why you need to make goals for your business this year.

  1. Measure your success.

We all want to grow and for our business to succeed right? But how can we see that without setting a goal. Long and short term goals can help you measure how successful you are.  There are loads of tools in place to help you measure success- but it’s just so important to start! And don’t forget to map out how. What actions are you going to take?



Reaching goals is a time to celebrate and look at what has been achieved. This will help motivate and keep  you and your objectives on the right path. Motivation is what drives you to achieve a goal and what keeps you going when things get tough. When you have a goal, something you really want to achieve and are passionate about, you’ll want to do it. Achieving these goals will in turn keep you more motivated. It’s important to not have too many goals at the same time. Break your goals down into smaller more achievable aims that add up to the bigger goal, but can be celebrated along the way.



  1. Sense of purpose.

A goal or aim serves a purpose. We need a purpose to remain effective. Purpose is the driver of our goals. Ask yourself questions to help define your purpose. These are just some to get you started..

a. What do you feel is your life purpose?

b. What motivates you?

c. What are you passionate about?

d. What were you born to do?

e. What inspires you?

f. What’s your why?


  1. Achieving things faster.

It’s a fact that when you have noted the things you want to achieve with a deadline you’ll achieve them faster. Just like homework at school, without a deadline would we get around to doing it? Goals help focus and get things done!

“You’ll fail at a 100% of the goals you don’t set.” – Mark Victor Hansen


5. Clarity.

Goals help business owners see themselves and their business clearly. It helps set unrealistic targets on ourselves.  Clarity and focus are important qualities for success. As soon as you write down your goals you’ll have more clarity and each time you review these goals, you’ll gain more clarity.



These are just some of the reasons why you should make goals for your business this year.

What are your goals for 2017?

Do you have any top tips? Please comment below.

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