So, unless you’ve been living in a cave these past few months you will have heard loads (and loads) about the new GDPR regulations that are coming into play for those of us storing data from people in the EU.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about whether you need to or don’t need to send a re-permission email, as many of us don’t need to, if we have been clear from the beginning about what we are doing with sign-ups data.  If you have manually added emails to your MailChimp account, then you will need to send an email asking people to opt back in to your mailing list.


There is a lot of talk about GDPR and a lot of different opinions and grey areas that people are unclear on. If you are using MailChimp- then here is a helpful video from Robin Adams to calm the panic!

In order to be GDPR compliant, you’ll need to create GDPR compliant lists & forms in MailChimp.

Here is a basic video tutorial showing you how to do this or if you prefer step by step instructions below


To do this, here are some basic step by step instructions.

  1. Go to lists
  2. Using the dropdown menu for your selected list, choose settings
  3. Scroll down to select GDPR and make sure it is enabled (goes blue instead of pale grey)
  4. Then click save.
  5. You have now enabled marketing permissions for your list
  6. Go to signup forms for that list and choose form builder
  7. Click on the bottom section where it says marketing permissions etc
  8. Here you can name your tick boxes whatever you like i.e blog updates, tips, offers
  9. You can also change the information and marketing permissions if you like
  10. You can make your form branded in the usual way and I’d also suggest adding a link to your privacy policy at the message section along with a little intro explaining what people need to do and what they’ll receive from you.
  11. Next within that list go to manage contacts
  12. Click go to view contacts
  13. Next click create a segment
  14. Make sure the ‘Auto- update’ section is enabled
  15. Select contacts match all and scroll down to ‘marketing permissions’
  16. Here you’ll have all the options you just added in your sign up form
  17. Select one and click preview segment
  18. Then save the segment
  19. Do this for all the options that you added in your form
  20. Now when somebody signs up to your form, they’ll choose from the options you provided, have access to your privacy policy and you are being super clear about what they can opt to receive from you
  21. When you next send them emails, you can choose the relevant segment

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If you are in the position and you need or want to send out a re-permission email in MailChimp, (again, I’m not going to get into if you should or shouldn’t, I just wanted to help if you are looking for help with this) then here’s a quick tutorial showing you how to do just that. I hope it helps.

I hope this helps. Please note this is just my opinion and way of helping by showing you how to do these things. I am in no way a GDPR expert, so please obtain further advice from the ICO- if you aren’t sure what you need to do to be GDPR compliant.