10 Reasons you need a Virtual Assistant…..September 2016

Toying with the idea of needing a virtual assistant? Never enough time in the day?

Here are 10 reasons why you NEED a VA.

  1. You’ve lost a great opportunity with your business because you just didn’t get the time and missed a deadline.
  2. You don’t have an upto date client and customer database, so you aren’t on top of your business prospects.
  3. You have so many ideas going on in your mind, with things that you’d love to do, but you simply don’t have time.
  4. You are so tied up with the daily running of the business that you don’t get time to spend on growing the business or on updating any systems or operations.
  5. You work evenings and weekends keeping on top of routine tasks like admin.
  6. You have routine tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or that aren’t your forte, which keep you from doing more important or creative tasks.
  7. Some tasks that you simply have to do are keeping you from doing tasks that actually earn you money!
  8. You find yourself struggling to concentrate on one task, as you have so many things that you know need doing.
  9. You are stressed because you are doing so much, but don’t think you need another full time employee, just a pair of helping hands to take some tasks away from you to free up your time.
  10. Maybe you just would like some more time for yourself. For you, your family or friends.