Hey ladies, this week I chat to the fantastic Angèle. Watch the video to listen in to us talking about her journey and how she found her ‘happy’.  Angèle was so fun to talk to. She is a huge fan of Facebook Live and spoke about how she uses it to speak to her audience.
Watch this space for a future collaboration with Angèle sharing some FB live tips with us.
My name is Angèle and I’m an Online Visibility Strategist, Transformational coach and Motivator. I make women realise that the true power lies within each and every one of us and that the time to hide is over.
What does that mean?
When the online visibility strategies, intuition and superpowers are in alignment one can create magic and achieve greatness to grow their businesses, make the money they deserve and have more time with their loved ones.
Find Angèle via the links below:
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