This week I caught up with the lovely Shilpa Patil.

Shilpa is a Spiritual Mindset and Business Coach.
She helps Soul Centered Entrepreneurs (like you) build an inspired life of Purpose to make an impact in the Society followed by financial freedom and luxury by creating an unshakable abundant mindset & a thriving Business that aligns with your soul.

Combining her Master’s degree in Business Management, Entrepreneurial & managerial experience of 6 years, and her interests in personal, spiritual, and online business growth with the training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming(Certified), Breakthrough
Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), Energy healing, Law of Attraction she helps you build a life and business that will set your soul on fire.


Social Media Links:

Instagram – @thealignedgoddess

Fb Business Page: Shilpa Patil


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