Kate Reynolds is a Relocation Coach, originally from the UK and currently living “down under” in South Australia.
Kate helps courageous ladies to plan their move to a new city/country and re-establish, re-invent themselves in a brand new location.
Kate works alongside her clients, aiming for smooth transitions and happiness. Kate talks from experience as she has moved herself multiple times around the UK and to other countries.
Kate assists her clients with many emotional challenges that crop up within the relocating journey, including, building a social network from scratch, developing a brand new routine, and coping with homesickness.
Her aim is to minimise the overwhelm and assist ladies to start creating the life they want in their new location.
Kate loves nothing more than offering bags of impartial support, encouragement and accountability when it is needed the most!
Kate can be contacted via her Facebook Business Page www.facebook.com/katereynoldscoaching
You can find out more at www.katereynolds.com where you can find all the information you need for a smooth move!


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