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Embracing your positive impact should be part of your daily practice. As creative entrepreneurs, the list of daily tasks pile up quickly. At the end of the day, it is easy to look back and feel like you didn’t have any impact or that you didn’t do enough.


The lie we feed ourselves has to stop. You have to embrace that you are enough and that you are doing amazing things! Even if your list of tasks isn’t complete by the end of the day, week or month. Don’t define your success by the amount of “things” you get done. Define your success based on your positive impact.


Because let’s be real… creative entrepreneurs have a heart for making an impact it’s what drives you.




What is a positive impact?


Your positive impact is all about how you’re positively impacting others through your work and your life.


How have impacted others lives? What have you done to change the world for the better? What are you putting out there that impacts others’ lives?


These are the things that make up your positive impact. No matter how big or small the action, it matters.

Abby has kindly created a freebie for you to map out your own positive impact – grab it here

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Why does your positive impact matter?


There are two answers to this question that I want to explore with you…


Creating a positive impact in the lives of others brings more fulfilment and joy to your own life. When we recognize that we have the opportunity every single day to wake up and change the world through our actions it unlocks our positive potential.


Imagine a world where everyone woke up each day and the first thought was how can I have an impact on others today? How can I make a difference?


What a beautiful world we would live in!


All it takes is for you to start that pattern in your own life. Positivity and kindness inspire more positivity and kindness.


Another reason why your positive impact matters is because it can help you to see that YOU do create change.

Entrepreneurs bloom from a seed of wanting to create change. You see a need and you want to fulfil it so you go passionately after making change.


Somewhere along the way, you get lost in all the mess of what entrepreneurship really looks like and you start to questions, am I really making the impact I set out to make? What have I done in this business that has mattered?


Looking back to your positive impact can help you believe in yourself. To know you are making change because you can see all the things you’ve done to impact others, be it big or small – you’ve made change.


How to define your positive impact


Are you convinced yet that your positive impact is important?


Here’s how to define your own positive impact.


{grab your positive impact freebie workbook}


Start by making a list of people who have impacted you and what positive impact they’ve had on you. How has it changed your life? What specifically did their impact mean for you? What have you learned from that person?


Now you are going to create a list of people that you have impacted through your life and work.

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List out people who you are close to and ask yourself…


How has my relationship to this person impacted them?

What have I brought into their life by being me?


Next list out people you’ve helped in your business whether that was paid or not paid.

How did my business impact this person?

What did this create for this person’s life?

What positive value do I provide for my clients/customers?


Write this all out either on paper or by using my guided workbook page. The power is in actually writing it out. It makes it real and you can physically see it. What the mind sees, it believes.


Go back to your positive impact on a daily basis to keep you pushing forward in your business. You are making a difference, your passion matters, keep being a changemaker!



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