I can’t use names in this case study but I wanted to tell you about a client that I helped recently in the e-commerce industry.

They found me via a friend that had shared my website or Facebook page with them.

Their problem was that they had this online business, that was doing ok, but they had little or no Social Media presence.

They knew they needed to be on Social Media, they knew that the majority of the world’s population was using social media, they just didn’t know where exactly they needed to be.  They wanted to increase their online presence and make it easier for customers to find them.

The various platforms can be confusing and many small business owners just don’t know where to start. So they often make three common mistakes;

  1. They start setting up Social Media accounts, but set up on as many platforms as they can.
  2. They set up channels and never post anything on them after the first day.
  3. They set up channels but are very inconsistent with their posts.

When they contacted me they were feeling overwhelmed with the whole social media process, confused with what to do and how and where to start.

So I looked at their business, and competitors within their industry and put together a strategy for them. This gave us a starting point of what they wanted from Social Media, their aims and goals, their brand and tone that they wished to use and I decided which platforms I thought would be the best for them as a business.

I decided that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were the strongest platforms for them.

I set up their social media accounts on these platforms and am managing their content for them and posting it out. I post daily on their channels for them, using a mixture of content that I have either created or been passed to use. I also respond to all customer comments and messages they receive.

The result is a much happier client, who now has a clear social media strategy. But they don’t have to worry about doing anything themselves, i’m dealing with it all on their behalf. I’m posting consistently and building up a customer base with interactive posts on all the channels. The business is easy to find. If a prospective customer wants to do some research before buying from them, they can find them, some pictures of their business and reviews from previous customers. We can also interact with the customers to let them know when they are running a promotion or competition.

If this sounds familiar and you’d like some help with setting up and managing your Social Media accounts, then please contact me and we can have a chat to discuss your needs!