VA Mentorship

This is a great choice for a VA who is just starting or just started their Virtual Assistant business. Maybe you’ve just made this decision and are still working alongside the business until you are at the stage where you can drop the job and concentrate purely on your business. Perhaps you’ve launched but are still struggling with the tech, mindset and overwhelm of all the things you need to do to make this business work.


I created this mentorship program for women like you starting their VA journey, who didn’t quite want the full 3-month 1:1 program, but who still found they needed some help with ‘all the things’.

What will I get?

If you’ve read through the full 3-month package you’ll have seen some of the things I can help you with, getting you closer to the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

You’ll get a weekly 1:1 call via video message so I can help you with anything you’d love help with. We are all different, but that could be working out your niche, what you can offer, your ideal clients, ways to market yourself, setting up sales funnels, social media and loads more. It could be working on your mindset to help you understand that you are enough. Getting rid of those limiting beliefs and replacing them with new empowering beliefs. Many clients request 1:1 tutorials showing them exactly how to do something. We work out exactly what you need to get you closer to your goal.

Action-takers only need apply. You need to show up and put in the work to see the results.

6x 60min 1:1 video call

Access to numerous relevant workbooks

Recommendations for books and other resources

Weekly accountability

Weekly tasks set

Your own cheerleader, celebrating your wins alongside you.

Access to my FB ads course


Why me?

I’m a serial entrepreneur and after I sold my last successful business,  I set up my own VA business to help female entrepreneurs. This organically grew into offering mentoring too and I’ve worked with a fair few VAs along the way.

What is the investment?

£725 in a one-off payment

£362.50 in 2 monthly payments


What will I have at the end of the program?

You’ll be feeling less overwhelmed with what you need to do to become a VA.

You’ll have a strong mindset and belief that you are capable of being the amazing business owner you know you are made for.

You’ll have your ideal client and niche worked out, so you can tailor your copy and content to that audience.

You’ll have 1-month worth of social media content worked out and scheduled.

You’ll have access to my FB ads course showing you exactly step by step how to set up your first FB ads campaign.

A clear plan to find your clients.

The tools, strategies, apps and systems I recommend and have used myself to streamline my VA business.

Book your free 30-min call here to get started or discuss if this is right for you. If you are ready to dive straight in, drop me over an email on and I’ll get straight back to you!